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Mod post: This community will probably close

Dear members of bonasera_stills,
as you may noticed, there hasn't been a post in quite a while. The reason? I've had 3 people enter the last Challenge. And not only the last Challenge, it's been like that the last couple Challenges. Since you don't seem to be interested in the community anymore I'll probably gonna close it. I'm saying probably because I do not want to close it down but to be honest I don't see a reason to keep it up right now. I simply don't have the time to post Challenges that nobody enters. And to be honest, it's not fun to post Challenges and have to post like 10 reminders until someone finally decides to make one icon for it. I don't want to close this community but as I said, I see no reason in keeping it up at this point.

Challenge #48 is officially over and I will not post a voting of any sort. I'm sorry to those 3 who entered but I'm tired to have votings with only 3 people entering Challenges.

I will decide what to do with this community but don't be surprised if I'm going to close it. I have posted several polls where I asked if people were still interested and even if those polls showed some of you were still interested nobody entered the Challenges. So why keep the community up?

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Extention Challenge #48 + mod post

Since there are only 4 hours left and we have only one person who send in icons I'm going to extend Challenge #48 until next week.

Enter here

And there's something I need to get off my chest. To be honest I feel kinda twitted here. Most people voted that they are still interested in the community and in new Challenges. Why is it that I have less than 10 icons every week? You know, I have better things to do than post a million reminders every week and extend Challenges. I used to have fun running this community bot to be honest, it's no fun anymore. Challenge communities are just not fun if there's nobody entering the Challenges. I get that you can't enter every Challenge but this community has 43 freaking members! And only ONE person has time to make icons...? If you don't want this community to close then you gotta enter the Challenges or I will close the community. And I don't want that.

Are you going to participate in future Challenges?

I don't care! Stop making those polls!

And just so you know, the people who choose the last will be removed from the community!